April 16, 2021

Defining Hyperlocal

What it means and why it matters.

By Joe Blunda

The following is an excerpt from our white paper, Beyond the Hype of Hyperlocal: Three Tactics for Launching and Building a Successful Program. Download the full white paper.

What is ‘hyperlocal’ and why is it so important?

“Hyperlocal” and “microlocal” are terms that have grown from their original association with vertical farming into a broad idea of ‘localizing’ sourcing by purchasing, as much as possible, from producers in the same ‘community’ in which a store or stores is located.  ‘Hyper’ refers to the idea that in this type of program, products are sourced perhaps just a few miles from a store location.

Hyperlocal is so important because it addresses fundamental features of consumers’ long-running demand for local that have become even more relevant due to the Pandemic.  These features can help us answer the question of how grocers can use expanding local selection to build engagement, foot traffic, sales, and ultimately loyalty.

Drivers of growing consumer demand for local include:

  • More sustainable and safe supply chains demonstrated by direct relationships with vendors
  • Spending household budget with brands committed to reinvesting in local communities
  • Access to the healthiest, highest quality food available, particularly fresh food

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