We are actively recruiting Arizona-region suppliers for our new partnership with Bashas'.
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See your wholesale business grow by 11%

Get started quickly and see results in weeks.

Spend more time doing what you love, not searching for buyers and managing office operations. We'll help you get off to a fast start— on average suppliers can be up and running in 15 minutes. 

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Join 400+ local farms, fishers, ranchers and other producers who have partnered with us to expand their wholesale business.

You may be working too hard

Are these problems taking up too much time and attention?

“After using Forager for a few weeks I've seen increased sales with my buyers now that they can see all of my products in one place.”

Sean Hagan
Farmer & Owner

Save time and connect with more buyers

Let Forager manage the details.

Streamlined selling process

  • Communicate through a single source for efficiency and auditing
  • Easily update product lists and highlight special offers or limited items
  • Seamlessly manage delivery schedules and detailed instructions 
  • With our mobile-friendly platform make updates from the field or delivery route
  • Receive all orders in a consistent digital format with notes attached for auditing
  • Get paid quickly and securely via EFT

Buyer connections

  • Our searchable marketplace allows buyers to find you based on product and geography
  • Forager’s customer success team will also make introductions for you
  • All of your buyer connections are direct; Forager does not act as a middle man

Data insights

  • Measure comparative sales by period
  • Analyze your product mix
  • Evaluate buyer volumes

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We're always looking for new growers, farmers and suppliers. If you're interested in growing your wholesale business, shoot us a note and we'll get back to you.

David Vitanza
Supplier Success Lead