We are on a mission to expand access to local food

It takes a community of growers, grocers, co-ops, vendors, restaurants, schools and other organizations to create a sustainable food culture. So we built a digital local food supply chain to connect them and help to drive economic growth and reduce waste.

The Forager story

Local food is good food and we are committed to sharing its benefits with everyone.

Better for people

Serial entrepreneur, David Stone, launched Forager in 2015 after concerns about his family's nutrition and health led him on a 3 month exploration of food systems around the world. Seeing the negative impacts of industrial food production and the complexity of sourcing local food provided a clear focus for Forager ---  leverage digital technology to simplify local food procurement and expand access to fresh, nutritious food for all.

Better for the planet

Growing the local food economy is one of the most impactful ways we can reduce our carbon footprint, reduce water use, and keep our soil healthy. The $4.8T global food industry is dominated by 8 companies that control 80% of our food supply. Reckless use of pesticides, antibiotics, and fertilizers is wiping out our pollinators, destroying our soils, killing our oceans, and polluting our air. We’re here to help change that.

Why local? Why now?


The local food market is explosively growing

The market for local food has grown 4x faster than industrial agriculture in the past decade.

    A better food supply chain means more access to fresh food

    2/3 of consumers will switch grocery stores in order to have a greater selection of fresh, local food.

    COVID-19 has accelerated changes in shopping

    People are cooking more, eating healthier, and are more interested in supporting their local economy.

    Nice to meet you.

    We're a group of proud entrepreneurs, gardeners, cooks and food lovers working together to improve local food systems, food access, justice, and equality.
    David Douglas Stone
    Executive Chairman and Founder
    Michael Norton
    Andrew Gauvin
    Emily Lefebvre
    Director of Operations and Customer Relations
    David Vitanza
    Customer Success Supplier Lead

    "We were confident that Forager could succeed because David Stone is one of Maine’s very successful entrepreneurs, and he had a track record of scaling technology solutions that work." - Betsy Biemann, CEI