June 24, 2021

Forager at Food Edge

Roche Bros., SalterieOne, and Forager discuss scaling local food with the Boston Globe's Janelle Nanos

By Doug Kolmar

Last month, Beth Dembia, our Customer Success and Partnership Lead, took part in a panel at the virtual Food Edge Summit, called  Local Food at Scale: Leveraging Technology to Build a Sustainable Future. The session was moderated by Janelle Nanos, of the Boston Globe, and included Arthur Ackles, VP of Merchandising and Buying for Roche Bros. Supermarkets, and Lily Leedom, Founder and CEO of SalterieOne (formerly Duxbury Saltworks) who provides artisan salts to Roche Bros. through the Forager platform.

The discussion offered perspectives on the importance of local sourcing and it's challenges from these different points in the supply chain.   The complete session can be viewed below.