December 1, 2020

Foster Local Procurement Relationships While Maintaining Central Control: Introducing Forager Enterprise

Removing barriers to store-level ordering to grow local sourcing for Roche Bros.

By Dominic Sutter

As a regional grocer with over 20 locations,  Roche Bros. was one of our first customers to take full advantage of the Forager's centralized Enterprise platform.  Enterprise allows grocers with multiple stores to adopt store-level buying and create direct relationships with local vendors, while maintaining the centralized control they prefer.

“At Roche Bros. and Brothers Marketplace, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with a wide array of Local products. The Forager platform has enabled our stores to streamline the ordering process of dozens of these Local suppliers into one location. This has both reduced friction for the stores and improved in-stock availability for our customers…a true win-win!” 

 -- Jason Corriveau, Director of Center Store Innovation, Roche Bros.

What you can do with Forager Enterprise:

  • Centrally manage vendors and product availability for individual stores
  • Administer orders and invoices via one central platform
  • Authorize vendor access to Forager's Marketplace
  • Search and define authorized local food and products
  • Track sales performance across all stores with the enhanced analytics dashboard

Watch this video for an introduction to the platform with Enterprise enabled: 

Roche Bros. is creating a hybrid system that supports the transparency and authentic direct connections consumers expect when grocers promote their locally-sourced products. By scaling the local procurement process across multiple grocery stores, Roche is on track to become a leader in local food.