October 21, 2020

New Research By Institute for Food Technologies Reveals 53% of Grocery Shoppers Find It Challenging to Find Products that Support Wellness Goals [Infographic]

Latest IFT infographic shows healthy and fresh products are a challenge for online shoppers.

By Doug Kolmar

The Institute for Food Technologists (IFT) just put together this handy infographic about online grocery shopping habits, based on a study by FMI and Label Insights.  The interesting take aways for us:

  • 53% of shoppers found it challenging or extremely challenging to find products online that meet their diet and wellness goals
  • Product quality (87%) beat out price (85%) as the top consideration when ordering groceries online

Freshness, quality and nutrition are some of the key benefits of locally-sourced food, and it seems that health conscious shoppers will still need to supplement their online purchases through their local farmer’s market, co-op or grocery. 

You can access the infographic on the IFT website

Online shopping infographic

Source: FMI, Transparency Trends: Omnichannel Grocery Shopping from the Consumer Perspective,
2020 ©Zubada/Shutterstock,  ©3DMaster/iStock/Getty Images Plus