November 11, 2020

Roche Bros. VP Discusses Expanding Local Food Through Forager Partnership [Video]

Buying local food direct through Forager supports grocer's position as a local New England brand.

By Doug Kolmar

Comcast/NECN's This Week in Business recently interviewed Arthur Ackles, Vice President of Merchandising and Buying, at Roche Bros. about their commitment to sourcing local products, challenges during the pandemic, and how Forager is helping them expand their local product selection. Watch an excerpt of the interview below. 

Key points:

“Roche Bros. and Brothers Marketplace really prides itself on being a local company in New England, and we really love working with local products.” 

“Forager bypasses the traditional distribution channels of needing a distributor or broker; a manufacturer or warehouse. This software allows us to get product directly from a local farmer, or a local purveyor, and our stores can order it from the store through a single software platform.”

"[Forager] will really give us a lot of access to local products we don’t have now.”

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