May 23, 2020

Supplier Spotlight - Blue Barrens

Meet Blue Barrens - supplying Maine blueberries on the Forager platform.

About us:

We are 30 years a family farm in downeast coastal Maine, where we harvest our blueberries from ecologically sensitive lands that are held in trust by land conservation organizations such as Maine Coast Heritage Trust and the Downeast Salmon Federation. We rake them, sort them, pack them, freeze them and deliver them ourselves, thus ensuring that they’re well tended every step of the way. We draw young adults from all over the world to aid us in our efforts, making every harvest season a new adventure. Find us on Facebook.

About our products:

We market fresh berries in season (late July to early September) and frozen berries throughout the year. We freeze dry berries fresh from the field. Unlike IQF berries, dry frozen berries have not been wetted or abraded—they have the blue blush of fresh berries. Their flavor is brighter and they don’t bleed in batters the way IQF berries do. They are favored by discriminating bakers and by anyone wanting frozen berries having the full flavor of fresh. 2020 will be a challenging year for organic wild Maine blueberries, owing to a lack of winter snow cover and a cold wet spring, but we should have a bountiful supply, mainly because some of our fields are along the ocean, which tempers the negative effects of the weather.

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