April 22, 2021

Supplier Spotlight: Broma

Delicious protein-boosting spreads

About the company:

Broma had its origins when founder, Taylor Smith, discovered her grandmother had a protein deficiency. Taylor, who has an MA in Food Studies, began researching and experimenting with recipe's that would not only boost her grandmother's protein intake, but tickle her tastebuds as well. After several iterations, she landed on Broma's first recipe, the Dark Chocolate Almond Spread.  The spread was so well received that Taylor enlisted her childhood friend Stanley, to launch a company and make the spreads available to everyone.

About the products:

Broma creates organic, dark chocolate almond spreads with lentils for added protein and fiber! All spreads are vegan, gluten-free, keto-friendly and kosher. They are full of nutrients like magnesium, iron and folate as well as being low on the glycemic index. All of the ingredients used are certified organic, and the company is in the process of receiving an organic certification.

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