January 26, 2021

Supplier Spotlight: Pig Rock Sausages

A wide variety of chef-created sausages using all natural ingredients

About the company:

Pig Rock Sausages is the brainchild of longtime Boston chef Art Welch. The focus of Pig Rock Sausages is using fresh ingredients to produce the highest quality line of sausages using humanely treated animals. We do not use any additional additives or preservatives. What is on our label is what is in our sausages.

About our Products:

Pig Rock Sausages offers a growing line of gourmet sausages as well as the classic Sweet & Hot Italian. Current flavors include Chicken & Maple Sausage, Turkey & Cranberry Sausage (think Thanksgiving in a sausage!), Bratwurst, Sweet & Hot Italian, Chipotle Chicken & Lime Sausage, Breakfast Sausage, Merguez, Chicken & Apple, Mexican Style Fresh Chorizo & Chicken, Spinach & Sundried tomato.

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