July 7, 2021

Supplier Spotlight: Reinberger Nut Butter

Simple, authentic and ready for your next journey.

About the company: 

Reinberger's mission is for their products to accompany you on your journeys to come. They want to make the shortlist of essentials that fit into the pack before your next excursion, whether it's Walden Pond, a transatlantic voyage, or a leisurely picnic. And because they believe that the best inspiration always comes from nature, Reinberger is deeply committed to environmental and social responsibility, and always seeks the most ecologically sound options for their foods, packaging, and shipping.

Simplicity and authenticity:

Reinberger Nut Butter makes the world's best nut butters, right in Rhode Island. Whether it's specialty nut butters made with a unique blend of eight nuts and seeds, dried fruits, and all-natural ingredients, or beautifully simple classic nut butters made with one ingredient only, all hold true to the company values of simplicity and authenticity.

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