Along with my three bee’s, we have always loved to cook and create in our hive!  And with our busy, active family needing a healthy source of energy to keep us buzzin, we had to come up with an on-the-go snack to give us a boost when flying about. Our eldest bee has both Celiac Disease and an anaphylactic peanut/tree-nut allergy which made this more challenging.  Most of the mass-produced “energy” bars and supplements on the market contain a lot of nuts and gluten as well as added sugar.

Our kitchen creation, 3Bee's Protein Bites©, are not made with peanuts, tree nuts, or gluten and only a touch of raw honey is added for sweetness. Our recipe is simple and each bite, hand-rolled with love, is a healthy, allergy-friendly, and protein-packed treat that satisfies hunger and gives a boost of energy when you need it the most.  And our bees loved them!