This whole journey starts with Barb Kobren, a.k.a. BobbySue, wracking her brain in her kitchen. She wanted a better, continuous way to do more for homeless animals. And since the government turned down her proposal to build an animal colony on the moon, “Aww, nuts,” turned into, “Ahh, nuts!” BobbySue had a feeling her family’s age-old, savory and sweet nuts recipe was amazing enough to do the trick. So, armed with a delicious snack and a noble mission, she went from store, to market, to supermarket, winning over hearts and taste buds, and turned her home-baked idea into a national brand.

We’re pretty particular when it comes to our process, which means that we don’t take shortcuts for money’s sake. For instance, we only use egg whites from cage-free chickens in our secret meringue.

Differences like that show the care and pride we take in making the best product possible — one that’s humane, earth-conscious, Non-GMO and damn tasty. We ensure every pecan, cashew, and almond is handled with the utmost care and roasted perfectly to meet our sky-high standards of flavor and quality. Just pour some of our nuts into your hand and you can see how big and beautiful they are.

Gluten free


New York