Fazenda recognizes that truly brilliant coffee must pass through many capable hands before it reaches you, the final consumer. Our goal as a coffee roaster is to maximize quality in the cup. We strive to not only source the best green coffee and create refined roast profiles for that coffee, but also to provide baristas and consumers with coffee-based education, including brewing techniques, tools, and instructions that are catered to each coffee we roast.

All of Fazenda’s bagged coffee is coded to indicate the roast date, the roast style, and the coffee type. Notes are taken about each roast and the final product is routinely cupped and used in experiments with brewing. These quality control measures contribute to an ever-expanding stock of coffee knowledge that our coffee professionals use to fine-tune and improve Fazenda’s roast quality while also creating best practice guidelines for brewing.

Fazenda’s coffee is always fresh. We deliver coffee within days of being roasted to our local partners, ensuring you’re always getting a fresh cup. Our retail coffee bags are nitrogen flushed to prevent oxidation & preserve the delicate and volatile flavors and aromas inherent to freshly roasted coffee.