We are considered a “small-batch” roaster in the world of professional coffee roasters as our coffee roasting facility utilizes a 7-kilo Diedrich roaster.  While this may not be as large a roaster as some other coffee roasters use, we delight in the ability to roast for individuals and large wholesale accounts without compromising any quality between the two.

We offer an incredible selection of the finest gourmet coffees which have been sourced from all over the world.  Some of these are offered as single-origins, meaning they only contain beans from that specific country, and maybe even very specific farms, while others are offered as gourmet blends.  As time has passed, we have worked hard to establish relationships directly with coffee farmers owning farms of varying sizes, and we are happy to offer several direct-trade coffees which allow more profit to be transferred back to the farmers at origin.



New Hampshire