We began harvesting maple sap from trees at family homes in Connecticut and Vermont in 2001. We did this because we love maple syrup and wanted our kids to develop healthy connection with natural food and where it comes from.

After unthinkable tragedy struck our community in Sandy Hook, CT, we re-prioritized how we wanted to spend our time and energy. We decided to start Maple Craft Foods in 2014 to help make people smile and develop healthier connections with food, with nature and with each other, while also supporting survivors and volunteers working to make our communities safer and sweeter.

We still tap our own trees, but also use high quality, organic maple syrup supplied by friends who slow boil it traditionally, over an open flame, on a farm in Vermont, giving it its rich caramel color and robust taste. One taste of Maple Craft products will make you smile. But please do not take our word for it. Give it a try for yourself!   -The Ackert Family


Sandy Hook