We started Nature's Wild Berry in 2016 with one goal, to help people with these miracle berries just like we were helped! It all started in 2013 when Juliano ordered me these red berries I'd never heard of before. I had to try them because they sounded unreal, like the beans Jack used to climb the beanstalk. They promised to turn sour and tarty food sweet! How had I never heard of a miracle berry? Juliano made me a super healthy juice and took a sip. He made a bitter looking face. I ate the berry then took a sip. I couldn't believe it! The juice tasted completely different from what it was supposed to – it was so sweet! I started making a liter of this juice every day and lost 60 lbs in about 6 months and then another 20 lbs in the next year. Today I'm 170 lbs. I see why it's called a miracle berry. Now I actually crave healthy foods and you can too!


Santa Monica, California