Our story began on a little family owned farm in the town of Kalloni on the island of Lesvos, Greece. Since the age of three, Ignatios Vasilellis has been learning and absorbing any and every piece of knowledge and skill passed down through the family on this farm. At 15 years old, Ignatios headed to the mainland for the next two years to study at Galaktokomiki College of Ioannina, the sole college in Greece and the Balkans for dairy producers. After returning to the island, Ignatios worked at reputable dairy production facilities. In 2012, he formed "Eugeuston" (Greek for "Delicious") to produce and distribute traditional greek yogurt, rice pudding and cheeses. "Eugeuston" products were soon well known around the island of Lesvos and quickly were enjoyed by consumers in other areas of Greece. After arriving in the United States in 2015, fulfilling the dream to expand and offer traditional Greek products to the U.S. consumer started to become a reality. Stani Dairy was established in 2016 to produce traditional Greek yogurt.