Located in Western Kennebec county just south of Cobbosseecontee Lake, the Milkhouse is a certified organic creamery that was created in the fall of 2012 by Caitlin Frame and Andy Smith. Our goal is for the farm to be a resource for the community, improve soil fertility & forage quality on the land while producing good, healthy food for the people of Maine and beyond. We now work cooperatively with our friends at neighbors down the road at Grace Pond Farm. Together we make the dream of our pie in the sky sustainable family farms attainable!

The Milkhouse & Grace Pond Farm dairy cows make the milk that we use to make yogurt. In addition to yogurt, we bottle milk, raise steers and pigs for meat, and laying hens for eggs. Our animals are raised 24/7 access to fresh grass, sunlight, shade, dirt, and shelter, with all the space and freedom to behave as cows, pigs and chickens will.